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After working in the web development industry for over 10 years I made the recent decision to go freelance to help focus my attention on specific clients and develop my skills even further. I have worked as a Head of development team / project manager in online media industy and Ad operations in advertising and digital design agency.
Both has helped me to develop my knowledge and skill base in the online business industry.

I have been fortunate to develop a range of websites for different clients in different industries. I understand the requirements for different websites are dependant on their audience and can also cater to clients for varying budgets. I believe that all businesses whatever size deserve to have a well-designed and well-functioning site to help promote their business. I have a good understanding of usability, ensuring that all websites I create are easy to use and showcase the right information to the right people.

I work with my clients to help develop their SEO, advising them on page titles and relevant meta tags to help ensure their website has good search results. Without the support of SEO, a great website is useless if no one can find it!
I have worked on a range of WordPress websites and familiar with a multitude of WordPress plugins and have also worked on a selection of ecommerce websites for several clients.

Technical development isn’t my only skill set; I also worked as a project manager which has helped me understand client deadlines and the importance of a tight plan to help ensure the delivery of key components that both myself and clients can follow.

Working as a freelance web developer I enjoy the closer client relationships that I am able to develop and also see the development of a website progress quicker with that direct one to one contact. My understanding of the digital and online world has helped me identify where businesses can succeed online and where they may be areas for improvement on your existing site.

I strive to deliver my clients the best possible online solution! I’m aware of the power of simplicity and clear signposting, sometimes the most successful websites are those that have the least going on and just get users to where they want to be!
I am always excited for the next challenge and look forward to working with you!