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Connect to MS Exchange with Entourage

Connecting to Exchange from Mac has been a trouble. Because my company usese exchange server best solution i’v found is to use Entourage. Now even this wasn’t easy becuase there was one (like there always is :P) thing i didn’t found in manual (yes, rtfm!). Very important thing is to add your email address in path to exchange server.

Here are parametaras i used to setup account to work:

Step 1

Entourage > Account settings.. > New Account

Step 2

Chose ‘Exchange’
(This opens a window with account settings)

Step 3

Tab: Account settings
Account name: My Account Name
Name: My Name
E-mail address: [email protected]

Account ID: myaccountid
Password: mypassword

Exchange server:[email protected]
SSL: Yes

Tab: Advanced

Public folder server:
SSL: Yes

Step 4

Send/Recieve, it should work


If you are connecting from outside local network, then you will be unable to connect to address book. You must be connected on local netowrk or over VPN.
If you are connecting over Internet you can use GAL search software to find addresses.
Software that i use for this is OWA GAL Search.
Cheers to developers.

Many useful stuff about Entourage you can find on:

If this doesn’t help, provide feedback with your experience.

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