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How to create custom twitter theme

After some twitting you will probably wan’t to change something on your design and to personalize your profile. Twitter allready offers 12 predefined themes you can choose, but i think it’s better to personalize it and create your custom one. With a very few options this isn’t so hard to do.
Let’s first check out what can there be done…
Go to… Settings > Design
We have several options to chose:


  1. custom background image
  2. tile background image
  3. no image


  1. background
  2. text
  3. links
  4. sidebar
  5. sidebar border

What’s the catch with background image…
If you wan’t to have nice profile with custom background image you will have to create image large enough to fit to largest screen resolutions.
I suggest to make it around 2100x1300px.
Other thing you can do, you can create a pattern and then tile background, or you can choose not to use background image at all.


Few things you should keep in mind

  1. background image is positioned ‘top left fixed’ by default and there is nothing you can do to change it
  2. keep image under 800kb
  3. if you type in something on image it’s better to save it in PNG format
  4. don’t use font colors for text that are hard to read


Here are some nice examples from my twitter friends:

As you can see with a very few options that we have, you can make really nice profiles.
Also check out twitt backgrounds gallery to get some inspiration for your custom theme.

You are ready, pimp you twitter!

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