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How to reset your lost WordPress password with PhpMyAdmin

Here is a simple way of reseting your lost password with phpmyadmin. This is method is useful if you have trouble with your mail settings and you can not resend yourself password in default way. So here is what you have to do:

  1. Login to your cpanel and go to PhpMyAdmin
  2. Open your WordPress databes
  3. Browse tabel “wp_users”
  4. Edit username for which you want to reset password
  5. For the Field “user_pass” change “Function” to “MD5”
  6. In text “Value” enter your new password
  7. Click “Go”

And you just got a new password, go to your WordPress login page and try to login with your new password, it should work now.
Next time write down your password, not every time reset will be simple as this.
Also consider to use one of password manager tools it will simplify your everyday work.

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