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Mac shortcuts to daily routine

Working with keyboard and using shortcuts to do things is much faster so it would be very good for you to start useing it. Not only that it’s much faster way of doing things, you will also be cool in front of your firends.
When they see that you don’t use mouse at all, they will think that you are somekind of magician.

You can also leave an impression on a business meetings and make people think that you are a geniuos, and they will have more trust in you when they see how you are using your computer (i’m not saying taht you are not a genius).
Here are the most common i use in my everyday work:

Cmd + Backspace = Delete selected file/folder
Cmd + Shift + Backspace = Empty the trash
(Finder should have focus for this shortcut to work)
Cmd + Shift+ 3 = Print screen
Cmd + Shift + 4 = Print screen selected area

Fn + Backspace = Delete
Cmd + Arrow (left/right) = move to start/end of line
Cmd + Shift + Arrow (left/right) = select all to start/end of line
Alt + Arrow (left/right) = Move cursor left/right by one word
Alt + Shift + Arrow (left/right) = Move cursor left/right by one word
Cmd + Arrow down = Default action for selected file
(eg. Folder = Open folder, Image = Open image with defult viewer…)
Cmd + Arrow up = Up one folder
Space = Scroll page down
Shift + Space = Scroll page up

Alt+L = Address bar focus
Alt+K = Search bar focus
Shift + Cmd + Backspace = Clear private data
(Firefox should have focus for this shortcut to work)
Cmd + 1 = first tab, Cmd + 2 = second tab …

Las’t but not the least, if you haven’t already try Quicksilver.
Cheers to developers!

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